Mar 14, 2011

Some Awesome Web Cam Pictures

I am starting an Elder Calhoun trend. For those of you who dont know who that is, watch THE BEST TWO YEARS!!!!

I'm thinking, David is in pain.

" I cannot feel my lips"

Aaron is an ALIEN!! trust me I had nothing to do with it!

Just chilling

" I need to find Ezmeralda."

I'll end with one of my favorites. :)

Mar 13, 2011


Ok, I saw this background and it reminded me of giraffes. Then I thought about one of my best friends who is probobly reading this. So Kate, giraffes and you are one in the same to me :) haha


Wow!!! I feel like a total slacker!! I have not had much to post. I recently had my second Head to Head meet which I am singing in. (There will be a video soon) We also had a stake road show yesterday. My mom couldn't record it so I will have to see if I can get those cuz they are pretty dang awesome :) So yea, I guess if you want something to look at, here are a few random pictures. :)

I'm thinking.....

These are some Head to Head pictures (Head to Head is a competition in testing and performing, against other schools in our district.) I sang "Popular" from Wicked.

Me + an awesome website= this :)