Jul 12, 2012

Young Womanhood Recognition

I finished all of my Personal Progress book. For those of you who don't know, Personal Progress is a program in my church that focases on different values in a girl and gives her experiences and such for her to do so that she can improve on those values. So I finished aboutt the same time as two of my friends so we got recognized together. Here are some pictures we took to put in a slide show!
Me, Brittany Searle, and Hyejoon Kim.
Hyjoon, being awesome. Brittany, being awesome. Me, being stupid and trying to put my legs through the hoops :)
I remember when I finally got it I didn't really know what to do.. :)
Accepting defeat....
Here are some pictures of us trying to get good jumping pictures. :)
I cannot tell you how much I LOVE these girls and the opportunity I had to finish Personal Progress and I am excited to do it AGAIN!!
Our photographer, good friend JaNice Jones, decided to get a close up :)
This was my favorite one.. :) <3

Jul 11, 2012

Girls Camp!!!

This year was my third year at Girls Camp. It was A BLAST!!! These are some people from my cabin. From left, Sammy Behrends, Tory Matthewson, and Emma Hirschi. This is one of my YCL's Reagan Glenn, and Sammy On the bed is Kali Wallace and on the floor is Justice Sears.. They were very tired and Justice sounded like Darth Vadar when she slept :) haha funniest thing ever.. Tory and me!! There are some pretty awesome videos of us but I cannot figure out right now how to get them on :) The food was great, the people were great, and the spiritual experience was great. I hope I will be able to get videos up later :)