Jul 12, 2012

Young Womanhood Recognition

I finished all of my Personal Progress book. For those of you who don't know, Personal Progress is a program in my church that focases on different values in a girl and gives her experiences and such for her to do so that she can improve on those values. So I finished aboutt the same time as two of my friends so we got recognized together. Here are some pictures we took to put in a slide show!
Me, Brittany Searle, and Hyejoon Kim.
Hyjoon, being awesome. Brittany, being awesome. Me, being stupid and trying to put my legs through the hoops :)
I remember when I finally got it I didn't really know what to do.. :)
Accepting defeat....
Here are some pictures of us trying to get good jumping pictures. :)
I cannot tell you how much I LOVE these girls and the opportunity I had to finish Personal Progress and I am excited to do it AGAIN!!
Our photographer, good friend JaNice Jones, decided to get a close up :)
This was my favorite one.. :) <3

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Michelle said...

Brin, I'm soooooo nproud of you!! That is such a great accompishment. Good for you!! Looks like you had tons of fun at camp too. Love you girl!!