Dec 26, 2010

CHRISTmas day

Merry Christmas everyone!!!!!!!

I had to wake up at 6:30 in the morning on Christmas to do my paper route. That made me happy!! Haha When we opened presents it made up for my tiredness. (Like I should could complain, poor Santa) These we some of my gifts.

Lots and Lots of candy (I just stuffed it all in there by the way)

I also got a female vocalist soundtrack that my dad made. The cover couldn't be any better.

One of my FAVORITE gifts was the mp3 player from "Santa" I love it sooo much!! It has SO many awesome things. Pictures, videos, music, radio, and a voice recorder.

I also got a really cute outfit and Mucklucks!!!! Those keep my feet soooo warm! (they are like slipper/socks)

I also got a new camera, this made me very happy :)

i LOVE this bracelet that my Grandma Leonhardt got me!! Brooke and I got matching ones. :)
My sleeve is covering the bracelet part but here is the beautiful charm.

The whole time we were surrounded by loved ones and a warm fire.

Let us not forget the true meaning of Christmas. Without our Savior, Jesus Christ, none of these things would be here. We wouldn't even be here. We love you and Merry Christmas. GOD BLESS US, EVERYONE!!!!!!! :)

Dec 12, 2010

My Birthday part 1

On December 6th I had my 13th birthday!!! This is the first part about actually celebrating it. It was before I went to school when I had to find my first presents. Keep in note that my dad "hid" them.

Yup! The first hiding spot was just on the closet handle in the hallway :)

Haha in this bag was face wash and moisturiser!! :) THANKS MOM!! Simple but I need it :) Nate was taking these pictures and him being the photographer means only one picture of the event. That means if you want to see any pictures, I am going to look like an idiot in almost all of them. :)

The other hiding spot was behind the door to the basement. You can tell that these were well planned hiding spots especially because the basement door is right next to the closet!!!! hmmmmm..... thanks dad.

Now in that LOVELY bag was the bubble vest that I wanted!!! I wore it to school and I LOVE it!!! In this picture I dont look to bad cuz you don't see my face :)

Well, after school and my choir concert (part two) we had cake and ice cream.. well they were together!!!! I HAD A HOMEMADE ICECREAM CAKE!!!!

This may not look yummy to some people but it was chocolate cake (yumm) with chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream in the inside( yuummmmmm) with my mom's homemade fudge topping on the outside. :) All together it was perfect. :)

This was the last present I got that turned out to be these really cute boots that have two buttons on the side and they are a dark cream color like a tan.. they are so cute and I wish I had a picture but I don't so you can see what it was wrapped in!! :)

If you are wondering, that is a band aid holding the wrapping paper together.

I am so glad to have reached this age and earned more privileges (like wearing some make-up) :) THANKS FOR READING!!! :)