Jun 19, 2011

Father's Day

To the most awesome man ever!

keep going



There :) Sorry Ryan! Don't worry! You are high on the list too! :)

Things are never boring.

He loves ALL of his children.

He is just plain awesome.

He provides, watches over, makes our lives fun, and loves us.. I love you Daddy!!

Jun 18, 2011

Easter 2011

Wow June and I am just doing my post on Easter.... sad. Very sad. Well here are some pictures. Our first Easter without Nater.. That is also sad. Here are some pictures :)


Finding. :) Aaron with his basket.

Brooke with her Easter basket.

David with his.

I by far had the best basket. :)

The kids by our awesome decorated easter eggs. :)
We had a wonderful Easter and we hope that you all did as well.

West Side Story

Midland Hight pulled off another amazing musical this year. They did West Side story. It was really fun to go to although I totally disaproved of the ending. For those of you who don't know, it is kind of a Romeo and Juliet story. Bit of a downer but it was still amazing!!! The person who was the leading male role was played by an investigator in the church. He is a great kid. Nate gave him a Book of Mormon last summer and he seemed really interested. His name is Josh Fridstrom. There were a few more people that we new from church. One was Dallin Jones who played one of the people in the JET gang. The other was Ben Wolfley who was also on the JETS. He has kind of been keeping up on Josh. :) Here are some pictures.

This is good old Josh Fridstrom.

Dallin Jones. He also did an AMAZING job.

Ben with Brooke. :) You can just tell that he is awesome.