Oct 30, 2011

A Little Late

Hey!! It's never too late to post pictures and stuff of our trip to Utah!!!!(even if it was back in July)

We stopped at an icecream place a couple years ago too and we have another picture of us on that same dinosour!!

We had karoake at Ryan and Amie's house(uncle and aunt) and it was a total blast!!

Uncle Dave, who did not participate whatsoever in this, and Grandpa.... must I say more?

Here are my cousins Hailey, Courtney, Ryan, and my aunt Tash who could pass off as a cousin.. :)

My other aunt Francine was singing with Tash to a song called, "Manic Monday" I love Becky in the left corner there.. haha beck

My mommy and Burt. Brooke wanted to sing with EVERYBODY to EVERY song

Me and my cousins. Becky, Sadie, Alli, and I. Unfortuatlly you cannot see Al.
There will be more posts soon I am sure :)