Jan 11, 2012

Theater Performance

This year one of my electives for eighth grade is to take theater! It has been a BLAST!!! We put on our official first Christmas performance (mix of singing, dances, skits, ect...) of the year! I sang a song called, "All I want for Christmas is You" and lucky for YOU, you can see pictures of me and I will try to download the video later. If you really want to see it :)

In the beginning!

Me and my back up dancers. (Left to right) Jessica Anderson, Vrushangi Shah, and Kelly Ballard.

Yeah, love my face!!! :p

And the great way to end it :) With another good face!

A couple of the same people that were my backup dancers did a skit with me along with another one of my friends named Nisha Patel. Our skit was called, "Santa Goes South."


Here was our final dance number!! I dont think you can see me :) I LOVE THEATER!