Dec 12, 2011


Okay, you guys need to let me know if the videos showed up on that last post cuz' they were not showing up on my computer!!! Let me know!! :)


If you have not seen the t.v. show "The Sing Off" your life is not complete. A bunch of acapella groups come together in this competition and whoever wins gets a recording contract and $200,000!!! There is a BYU Mormon boy group called Vocal Point and they are awesome! Unfortunately they lost. They got 5th out of 16 groups. You should check out the winning team called Pentatonix. This is one of my favorite songs VP did. (The video itself stinks so close your eyes or something and listen to their amazing sound)

Do they not look like a bunch of clean cut, return missionary, Mormon boys??

This is an opening number done by some of the groups in the competition. It is called "Somewhere Only we Know" You can open your eyes for this one. VP are the ones in green suits and striped ties.

Starting at the........bottom is McKay Crockett, Jake Hunsaker, Tanner Nilsson, Ty Sterling, Robert Seely, Ross Welch, Mike Christensen, Keith Evans, and Ben Murphy (who is from Australia and in my opinion the cutest) :) haha just kidding! These guys are like 23!!!! :)

Totally love these guys!! You should look up some more of their performances!!

Oct 30, 2011

A Little Late

Hey!! It's never too late to post pictures and stuff of our trip to Utah!!!!(even if it was back in July)

We stopped at an icecream place a couple years ago too and we have another picture of us on that same dinosour!!

We had karoake at Ryan and Amie's house(uncle and aunt) and it was a total blast!!

Uncle Dave, who did not participate whatsoever in this, and Grandpa.... must I say more?

Here are my cousins Hailey, Courtney, Ryan, and my aunt Tash who could pass off as a cousin.. :)

My other aunt Francine was singing with Tash to a song called, "Manic Monday" I love Becky in the left corner there.. haha beck

My mommy and Burt. Brooke wanted to sing with EVERYBODY to EVERY song

Me and my cousins. Becky, Sadie, Alli, and I. Unfortuatlly you cannot see Al.
There will be more posts soon I am sure :)

Sep 18, 2011


leave comments!! :) I have added quite a few new posts and I would love to hear what you guys think of them! :)

First Day of School

Once again the school year has begun. I am now at the top of the school and LOVING IT!!! David is also in the same building as me. Also he is right down the hall so I can occasionally go up to him and embarrass him a bit :) Dont worry not too much :)

Cute little Aaron is in 2nd grade and he has an awesome teacher who he loves.

David on his first day of 6th grade!!!!

Again Levi saw the camera and had to get his picture taken :)

BROOKE IS A SOPHMORE!!!!! It is totally weird.

So I figured you would want to see all of the cute good pictures first so now you can see mine LAST!!!


Aug 27, 2011

Playing Dress-up

When you get together with a cousin, that is also thirteen, and you are bored, what do you do?? BRING OUT THE DRESS-UP BOX!! We went on our trip to Utah this summer and my cousin, Sadie, and I were at her house. We came upon a dress-up box while cleaning out their guest bedroom. Here are the results.

We did put some organization into this. This category is "Freaks"

Make way for the Japanese :) Or maybe we were Korean? Or Chinese??

I cannot explain these pictures :) We are ballerinas (for those of you who are really confused)

We are prom people now :) Sadie is wearing her mothers wedding gown and I am wearing her sisters prom dress. :)

Dressing up was defiantly a highlight of the trip :)

Jun 19, 2011

Father's Day

To the most awesome man ever!

keep going



There :) Sorry Ryan! Don't worry! You are high on the list too! :)

Things are never boring.

He loves ALL of his children.

He is just plain awesome.

He provides, watches over, makes our lives fun, and loves us.. I love you Daddy!!

Jun 18, 2011

Easter 2011

Wow June and I am just doing my post on Easter.... sad. Very sad. Well here are some pictures. Our first Easter without Nater.. That is also sad. Here are some pictures :)


Finding. :) Aaron with his basket.

Brooke with her Easter basket.

David with his.

I by far had the best basket. :)

The kids by our awesome decorated easter eggs. :)
We had a wonderful Easter and we hope that you all did as well.

West Side Story

Midland Hight pulled off another amazing musical this year. They did West Side story. It was really fun to go to although I totally disaproved of the ending. For those of you who don't know, it is kind of a Romeo and Juliet story. Bit of a downer but it was still amazing!!! The person who was the leading male role was played by an investigator in the church. He is a great kid. Nate gave him a Book of Mormon last summer and he seemed really interested. His name is Josh Fridstrom. There were a few more people that we new from church. One was Dallin Jones who played one of the people in the JET gang. The other was Ben Wolfley who was also on the JETS. He has kind of been keeping up on Josh. :) Here are some pictures.

This is good old Josh Fridstrom.

Dallin Jones. He also did an AMAZING job.

Ben with Brooke. :) You can just tell that he is awesome.

Mar 14, 2011

Some Awesome Web Cam Pictures

I am starting an Elder Calhoun trend. For those of you who dont know who that is, watch THE BEST TWO YEARS!!!!

I'm thinking, David is in pain.

" I cannot feel my lips"

Aaron is an ALIEN!! trust me I had nothing to do with it!

Just chilling

" I need to find Ezmeralda."

I'll end with one of my favorites. :)

Mar 13, 2011


Ok, I saw this background and it reminded me of giraffes. Then I thought about one of my best friends who is probobly reading this. So Kate, giraffes and you are one in the same to me :) haha


Wow!!! I feel like a total slacker!! I have not had much to post. I recently had my second Head to Head meet which I am singing in. (There will be a video soon) We also had a stake road show yesterday. My mom couldn't record it so I will have to see if I can get those cuz they are pretty dang awesome :) So yea, I guess if you want something to look at, here are a few random pictures. :)

I'm thinking.....

These are some Head to Head pictures (Head to Head is a competition in testing and performing, against other schools in our district.) I sang "Popular" from Wicked.

Me + an awesome website= this :)