Dec 12, 2011


Okay, you guys need to let me know if the videos showed up on that last post cuz' they were not showing up on my computer!!! Let me know!! :)


If you have not seen the t.v. show "The Sing Off" your life is not complete. A bunch of acapella groups come together in this competition and whoever wins gets a recording contract and $200,000!!! There is a BYU Mormon boy group called Vocal Point and they are awesome! Unfortunately they lost. They got 5th out of 16 groups. You should check out the winning team called Pentatonix. This is one of my favorite songs VP did. (The video itself stinks so close your eyes or something and listen to their amazing sound)

Do they not look like a bunch of clean cut, return missionary, Mormon boys??

This is an opening number done by some of the groups in the competition. It is called "Somewhere Only we Know" You can open your eyes for this one. VP are the ones in green suits and striped ties.

Starting at the........bottom is McKay Crockett, Jake Hunsaker, Tanner Nilsson, Ty Sterling, Robert Seely, Ross Welch, Mike Christensen, Keith Evans, and Ben Murphy (who is from Australia and in my opinion the cutest) :) haha just kidding! These guys are like 23!!!! :)

Totally love these guys!! You should look up some more of their performances!!