Feb 4, 2012

Random Picnic Pictures

Wow try saying that title ten times fast!! :) There is a really cool program. that is actually shutting down in April, and it allows you to change pictures and add things to them. I have so many pictures I have used this program with but here are just a few.

Getting ready for the midnight premier of,"Harry Potter" part 2 of the 7th movie.

Me and my hamster Buddy a couple weeks before he died.

My cousin Sadie and I when we were dressing up.

My friend Emma Hirschi and me. When you have a good friend you kind of have to do something like this to them just for fun.

It was one of those days when you cant come up with a good caption.

On the way back from a temple trip with Shelby Skym who I call Shelbsies!

Emma did this for me.

Again, playing dress up. I love dress up :)

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