Feb 19, 2012

What I Miss

It seems like a lot of people keep having babies. My mom is done and I have to wait for awhile. Oh how I miss having a little baby in the house.


Aaron was always a happy, funny boy

Aaron got into the paint :)

Aaron and I

Sunshine boy, Aaron

Cute little Levi


Levi when he was a couple of weeks old. <3

They would always fall asleep in the most random places.

Another thing I miss:

Only 12 more months :)


Anna said...

I have two things to tell you:
1.) Andrew wants to ask what David said when he saw his fabulous pic.
2.) My aunt is having a baby girl this summer and we're going to see her when we go out west this summer! :)
Love your posts!
-Anna :)

Fran and LaVar said...

Dearest Brinli,
Loved your post and pics. I just realized that I miss the same things you miss! Love you so much, Grandma Leonhardt